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 Football Game

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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PostSubject: Football Game   Wed Sep 04 2013, 20:41

Well, with Football season about to start, I was wondering how you guys would like to play a confidence game.

Rules are simple, there are (invariably) 16 games per week.

You look at the schedule of games for the week, and make your pick of the winners of each match.

Place a point value on each game based on how confident you are that team will win.

You can only use 1 through 16 (or however many games a week) and only assign one # once.

For instance, this week starts tomorrow with Denver and Baltimore. I think the Ravens will beat the Broncos, so I'll list the Ravens with 8.

The Bears play the Bengals, but I'm less sure the Bears will win, but still think the can. I'll pick Chicago for 4.

My other picks will be made using #'s 1-16 without 8 and 4, they are already used.

At the end of the weekend, including Monday night, the picks are looked at and the games in which you picked right you get those points totaled. The games you picked wrong, you do not get those points.

So if the Broncos wind up beating the Ravens, I do not count the 8 points in my total. The Bears however stumble into a victory and I do pick up the 4 points. This goes for the whole schedule and the guy with the most points 'wins'.

I was surprised that this week actually starts with a Thursday night Game. Sorry I hadn't thought to post this sooner. Not like a lot guys will see it anyway, but I thought I'd give it a try.

If I were more computer savoy, I'd have a whole spread to list everyone's picks each week. Until that happens, I'll ask that the picks are posted here no later than 12 hours before the first game of the week.

Just list your winning team, followed by the points you arrange. We'll tally it up and see if we can have a little bit of excitement around here.

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

Posts : 1896
Join date : 2010-06-26
Age : 46
Location : Chicago IL

PostSubject: Re: Football Game   Wed Sep 04 2013, 21:00

OK, so I just looked at the schedule and made my picks. They are.......

Ravens 8

Bills 3

Panthers 5

Vikings 6

Jaguars 7

Buccaneers 9

Packers 16

Giants 2

Browns 12

Bears 4

Colts 10

Saints 11

Steelers 15

Cardinals 14

Eagles 13

Chargers 1

T.B. 27

There is also the issue of a 'tie' to be broken. We guess what the COMBINED score of the Monday night game will be, and list that number as the tiebreaker. In this case, I guessed 27 for the LAST game played on Monday night.

So feel free to post up your best guesses, and if we get a few of us doing this, we can start keeping track of weekly points totals for overall bragging rights.

Good luck everyone, and have fun!

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Football Game
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