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 Why RIP?

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Events Coordinator I
Events Coordinator I

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Location : lennon, MI

PostSubject: Re: Why RIP?   Sat Oct 23 2010, 05:24

why rip? the same as i have read in many of your stories. racing late one night shortly after finding out online racing was the greatest thing ever , i was running against a guy . and after a few races he told me i would make a great fit into a team called RIP, good bunch of fellas he told me , i had no clue about any teams even existing in this game .racing around for the next couple months i was noticing more and more of the teams tags. i still had no clue , i figured the groups were all people that worked and lived by each other and thats why they hung out on the track together.i had no clue. the first time i was invited to a chat room ( RIP) i was a little aprehensive of being shunned as a new guy treding where i shouldnt i . some teams did that to me .1 guy invites you and the others treat you like an intruder on there space. that didnt happen here , and every new rip i met was just as nice to meet as the previous.and that sticks with a guy like me. i did take a walk down a different path recently , mabye like a groom whos not sure what hes doing ( cold feet ) only to find out what i now fun friends, or to put in the right order , friends , fun , fast. that looks better because thats how it feels here. i now have a clue . thanks RIPs. (misssed a couple words in the cold feet thing but u know what i mean)
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Team Founder
Team Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Why RIP?   Sat Oct 23 2010, 10:50

A bunch of Super! duper individuals and racers is what RIP is today. Thanks!!! twothumbsup

- AceOfSpades

Just RIP it!
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Team Founder
Team Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Why RIP?   Sat Oct 23 2010, 12:15

**********RIP Has Feelings Too***********


RiP The Friendliest & Coolest GT5 Racers

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Location : Chicago IL

PostSubject: Re: Why RIP?   Sun Oct 24 2010, 01:23

Heart-pounding, intensely focused, white-knuckled, racing. Pure and simple. That is why I joined RIP. The friends made, and stories shared, are but some of the many aspects that make us a team. More than an informal club, RIP right from the start showed me what online gameplay was ment to be.
I was late to the party, having only aquired my PS3 in Febuary. I have been an avid Gran Turismo from the start and figured GT5P was the next logical step. My younger brother had asked a clerk at a Gamestop about GT5P." Don't waste your time" he was told."It's just a demo" Andy told me, "How much fun could that be?" HA! After giving him one as a gift, I borrowed his PS3 and played the game untill I had to be at work in 3 hours. I unlocked all but S class races, and vowed then that I would get one for my own family and prove it to be more than just a "demo"
Well, once I was able to get one, yeah, It was looking like not a lot of replay value there. But one day my son said "What about the online mode?" Online mode, eh? Demo my a**
Playing with the XK at DSS I happend upon the same scenario as Poker 'why are they going so slow?' I thought. They were in RX8s and darned if they didn't just breeze on by. I matched in the next race and joined in the que. It was the most fun I had ever had online at the time. Afterwards, 5Card sent me a message, "Your fast" That was it. They thought I was fast? Wow. I soon was invited to chats and was asked some time later if I wanted to join. I joined RIP because I had found what I had started to look for in the begining. More than just a demo. More than just a team.
I indeed have found my place in online racing. I have found a place that I feel at home. But, I can't help but to think that when all is said and done..... RIP had found me.
Thank you all for everything you have done for me. I only hope that I can provide you with the same solicitude you have provided me.

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RIP Double Down
Team Member II
Team Member II

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Location : cape cod

PostSubject: Re: Why RIP?   Sun Oct 24 2010, 09:11

As a Noob to RIP, but not racin, I agree with 3D, you guys are by far the most welcoming bunch of characters I have had the pleasure of meeting online EVER! I hope I can contribute to RIP for a very long time! Friendly, Fun, Fast and Patient (till last lap) Very Happy Thanks for the great times. indaclub gorip
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PostSubject: Re: Why RIP?   

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Why RIP?
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