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 Visiontek Candyboard Mini Keyboard Review

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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PostSubject: Visiontek Candyboard Mini Keyboard Review   Thu Oct 21 2010, 15:18

So while I was shopping for a router the other day I decided to check if logitech's diNova mini keybard dropped in price yet. Well it did but it was still over $100. So I continued my search and found 3 others, all cheaper than logitech. The visiontek stood out the most as a worthy competitor to logitech. What swung my decision is the reviews on the touchpad mouse. Logitechs mouse wasn't very user friendly. So I sit here today typing on the new visiontech. I am more than happy with it.

The first thing I should point out is its compatible with the PS3, xbox, an PCs. It is about 6" x 2." The USB reciever stores into the keyboard. It has a lithium battery that charges with the same cable as the PS3 controller. It has a LED backlight for use in the dark. It's almost a cell phone keyboard but 25% bigger. The keys are firm and click when you press them. The touchpad is nice, takes getting used to due to the size. There are convenient page up and down buttons for scrolling. There is a button to flip the mouse 90 degrees to hold it like a remote. The last thing I'll point out is it has a laser pointer, I guess for teaching or presentation environments. Plug and play, no software installation needed.

Cons: The touchpad makes the unit wider. Your right thumb has to reach across the keyboard. You must hold the"shift" and "Fn key to use their functions.

Because my PC is in my room connected to my t.v., this is a huge improvement to my scheme. I do not have a desk so I sit at my cockpit or on my bed. Now with this all-in-one keyboard, I will not have the burden of a fullsize keyboard and mouse in my area. AND I can easily switch the reciever between the PS3 and PC ;D I would recommend this to anyone who needs a keyboard for the PS3 or for someone who uses there PC as a media center.

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Team Founder
Team Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Visiontek Candyboard Mini Keyboard Review   Thu Oct 21 2010, 18:00

You could post it in the "user review" section of Visiontek Smile I like the "use in the dark" feature, needed that.


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Visiontek Candyboard Mini Keyboard Review
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