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 Divisional Mission Statements

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Join date : 2010-03-13
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PostSubject: Divisional Mission Statements   Mon Nov 15 2010, 08:57

The mission statements for the two new RIP divisions have been posted. Any comments or questions may be posted here.

The division only applies to the WRE's as ALL RIP members are welcome to compete in any other RIP organized event. The RAD series is being created as a new entry/break in type of division to give both new and current members a chance to get to know each other. More info to come.

Thank You.

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Events Coordinator I
Events Coordinator I

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Age : 52
Location : lennon, MI

PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   Mon Nov 15 2010, 13:25

sounds like were hitting the big time . hope new members arent to intimadated by all the structure involved.sounds good to me.a probationary trial . outher teams should adopt this as well . i agree that it will keep the wannabes and fakers weeded out.
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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Location : Chicago IL

PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   Mon Nov 15 2010, 22:21

I'll try to let racers I meet know we have a current recruitment drive going. Do we have protocol in place for this? Do we simply invite them to chats, or direct them to forum? Let's disscuss how we should approach introductions to the team. My thoughts being to make sure all are comfortable with the process.

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Team Member III
Team Member III

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Age : 35
Location : New Jersey

PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   Mon Nov 15 2010, 22:56

This is just my personal opinion but i think we should slow down on the recruiting on new racers and focus more on building a stronger core with the ones we have now.i still dont feel that we're at the highest possible level that we can achieve as a group and the only way to get there is to focus on building a stronger bond between the guys we have now.i rather be in a group on 10 close racers than to be in a group of 100 and i dont know anything about anyone.there are still quite a few "soloist rips" and whats the point on joining a team if u rather just race by yourself,kinda selfish and lame in my point is lets go for quality and not quantity,we have enough rips as it is so no need to go on a recruitment frenzy.lets focus more on getting to know more of each other's racing habits and tendencies before we start bringing new drivers into the fold.
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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

Posts : 1806
Join date : 2010-03-13
Location : .

PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   Tue Nov 16 2010, 01:18

It's not really like this is a recruitment drive, more of a recruitment system. The first RAD series would contain roughly 6-8 new members, so I don't think we should be advertising this heavly. At least not like a huge push for a bunch of drivers. I agree with Joker on that. We want quality guys that already show a sense of how to race clean and hard. They don't have to be the fastest out there, though. We want a good attitude and a team player.

There are still a few new players to GT5P, but most of the guys out there have been around for a while. GT5 is going to open up a huge amount of new players when it is FINALY released. Christmas time will bring a new batch of PS3's down the chimney, and the start of nest year the game will be full of possible talent.

Remember guys, we are ALL very fast here. That's not just blowing smoke, it's a fact. It can be rough to jump into races with 10 to 15 drivers like we have, even if you do have some experience. Solo drivers may not have a lot of experience in organized group races with large numbers of cars. The new series will act as a break-in period to find out how these drivers will respond to different racing situations. We want a good fit for the team. Not every new recruit might pass.

The plan is for short RAD seasons, 3 or 4 months long, 3 a year. That should give any new member picked up during a season a chance to get in on the start of another season quickly. The events committee will need to see just what options are available in GT5, but where the RED series races will involve random weather, damage, mechanical breakdow, etc., the RAD series races will have some of these options controled and set before the events. RED members whould ocaisonaly jump in on the events just as Sprint Cup drivers run in the Nationwide series.

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Location : Colorado

PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   Tue Nov 16 2010, 02:02

DMH is right. RIP is not actively recruiting for a bunch of new members. We're just building the foundation for the future.

I think we've scared away a few potentially fast drivers in the past. The skills of our drivers can be intimidating to new recruits. The RAD Division will offer a stepping stone to the new drivers.

I suspect drivers will enjoy the more laid back atmosphere of the RAD Division. I know I'll Once the game is in our hands, we'll have a better idea where we're headed with the online WRE.

I've seen alot of information on the game, but nobody has played online yet.

You can't be the best unless you race the best.
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Team Founder
Team Founder

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Age : 48
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   Tue Nov 16 2010, 15:48

We’d want to have both quantity and quality and how are we going to accomplish that? I think that is what the Admin Board is doing.

To summarize:

• Each division is responsible for the new recruitments and existing members are up to speed before they can be released to the next level and so on.

• The Division Lead will continue sharpen up their skills besides providing leadership of his/her division.


RiP The Friendliest & Coolest GT5 Racers

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PostSubject: Re: Divisional Mission Statements   

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Divisional Mission Statements
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