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 The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Location : Merrickville, Ontario

PostSubject: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Fri Dec 24 2010, 12:32

The Dreaded First Turn...

I have been approached to open a thread regarding driving issues that plague (ok, not quite that bad, lol) our WRE experience.

You all know me as just a touch dramatic, and just a weeee bit over the top. I can lose my mind like the hottest of us. And yes, I've heard that there are a few of us like that around here. Wink

This brings me to this topic with even more direction, and passion.

This first turn has ruined many a chance at glory for sooooo many of us, maybe all of us. It is Not fun to be involved in, from either end, or between the extremes of the spectrum of involvement I imagine!

So far every WRE event (RED) has been plagued by a mass wreck right at the start, as early as 8 seconds in I heard! Someone does have replay of such incident.

We're not trying to sound or seem difficult or prudish here gentlemen, but Huston, We Have a Problem...

We at one time over the summer conducted what we called "Controlled Driving" events. For a whole month or more actually. What this did was solidify team work and driving skill enhancement was acheived. Many of us at that time experienced a whole new comradery, a whole new dynasty of integrity was born. Now, with growing pains unavoidably affecting WRE events, we reach the same critical point. Some of the attidudes have returned. I can atest to this, some of this is unnecessary. Poop does happen.

On the other side of that page, there are the catalysts; the pushers, the unconventional passers, the extreme late brakers, the full throttle hell bent for leather don't care about others'ers, lol. There also, on that same page those that do care, pass under caution, brake early or perfectly and even some not-so-full-throttle-or-hell-bent-for-leatherers.

So, what do we do...

We've talked about the recording of each event, to see what is going on. This poses possible issues with moral folks, why should we need to do this.

We've talked about imposing penalties. This is right up there with the first issue of moral.

What is for sure is that Something will happen, as the teams Moral Coach and advisor, I can not let team mates get run over and left behind. If people are to leave RIP they Must do it on their own accord, with a good taste left behind. To have members fade away due to the racing environment is ludacris.

Last night at DeadMansHand's event for RAD members, we had a great driving experience, and this is not to cast and aspirtions either. It was just wonderful. 8 or so members from RED and RAD showed up to take on the challenge. Many cars of variety showed up to trade experience in this challenge. I have to say it was one of the most controlled and steady races of my tenure to date. We were running down the two lane back section of Sarthe and passing within those two lanes, hearts pounding and brows wetted; we did it!

This leads me somewhere, a path called Pressure! Pressure is a factor that is dependant on an individuals personality. If any of you are familiar with B-Spec, you will see this first hand. Some run hot some run cool, some in between. When you mix these personality types, The Dreaded First Turn happens.

To avoid such things happening (not all the time, because poop does happen), we must first shed the feeling of pressure, this is just a game and we are here to have fun. The car we are running won't actually come home on a truck, twisted and reaking of Daytona's banked corner wall. They didn't actually cost us 4.9 million dollars.

The other thing we must do is Practice! LOL. It is sooo simple. If you are coming to run with the big boys, practice. The one's in the top half of the grid have probably spent a few hours in the car and on the track of choice. Hammering out tunes, getting to know braking zones, knowing what areas they can get more speed into a sweeping curve and really getting to know how the others amongst us drive. Another area of team practice is the team environment; how people conduct themselves will change how you approach a race event!

All things said, please look within, see areas you can improve and work on them. The worst penalty is the one you put on yourself after creating The Dreaded First Turn...
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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

Posts : 725
Join date : 2010-05-18
Age : 39
Location : Calgary, Alberta

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Fri Dec 24 2010, 13:14

Very nice job writing that up Poker, Thx Bro'! twothumbsup

I'd like to see everyone who reads this just post a quick comment up, to acknowledge the fact.

Thanks again,
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RIP Double Down
Team Member II
Team Member II

Posts : 154
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Age : 54
Location : cape cod

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Fri Dec 24 2010, 14:51

Very well put Poker! Nicely done! Super!
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Posts : 49
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Age : 44
Location : ohio

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Fri Dec 24 2010, 16:42

well said bro
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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Age : 45
Location : Chicago IL

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Fri Dec 24 2010, 22:36

We have begun to run long lap, single races for the WRE. I'll reiterate that trying to go from 9th to 3rd in the first turn is never a good idea. If you approach the start as an opportunity to blast by the guys who just grided AHEAD of you in qualifying, then is it really any wonder why some tempers are flairing? Despite what some may think on the right line to take into a turn, there really is only room for one on THAT line. If someone is ther already, back off! Check your own entry and follow in. Remember, the race has just begun, and it is the one time we will all be on the track so close in proximity to one another.
We all have ample time to test, tune, practice, and qualify. Once you leave the track, you will LOSE your qualifying time. If you show up with no practice, and think you're being short shafted in qualifying, remember that the car/track is posted well in advance of the actual event. If you know you can lap faster but show up late and can't put in a time, then sit back and let the race unfold. It's a lot easier to race one or two guys then ten or twelve for position on the track.
Close racing is fun. We even find ourselves doing it just for the fun of it. That's why we race together. The trick is to stay in touch so when a moment occurs, you'll be ready. It is always hard to stay ready when your in a pack of four or five through a series of complex turns. If it seems it will end in tears, then trust that instinct. Lift off before braking, remember your distance to others. Simple but effective, prehaps other thoughts can be expressed here. Looking forward to hearing them.

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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

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Age : 75
Location : Ontario, Canada

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Sat Dec 25 2010, 01:19

With the input from PokerFace and 3-Diamonds, I think both of you have just about covered the requirements and control that is needed to have a clean start, and then let the "racing" begin.

It doen't matter how many laps we are running, we all know the finish line isn't just around the corner from turn 1.

When you look at the overall talent of the RIPsters, I think that most anyone could win on any given day with their "track and car", so lets keep it clean, keep everyone in the race, and may the "best man / lady win"

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Team Member III
Team Member III

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Age : 37
Location : New Jersey

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Sat Dec 25 2010, 09:52

Great Points Pokerface and 3Diamonds,no need for me to elaborate. PATIENCE is a driver's best friend.
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Administration Board Member
Administration Board Member

Posts : 1642
Join date : 2010-05-18
Age : 42
Location : Merrickville, Ontario

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Sun Dec 26 2010, 12:45

Yes Joker, patience is key. Thank you for bringing that up. Patience comes from shedding the pressure symptoms and Practice. Patience can only start from comfort in one's own ability. The only way to get there is practice and some talent.

As the teams leaders, we can help by inviting other team members into practice rooms regularily. I've seen a lot more RIP drivers show up to practice since GT5 and that is great, hopefully not just the novelty of a new game. Hopefully it is the return of passion.

If you are friends with a regular offender, hold private confrence with them to help them with their driving woe's. It could be as simple as they forgot to change over to Racing Soft tires. (Such as what I did the first event, LMAO). I thought the whole time, whoa I suck, but it was just tires. So in that light if I come to you or others do to offer tips, please understand it is to improve the driving experience for all involved.

Thank you guys for leaving your points here. Lets leave some tips here for all to see. Not neccessarily focusing on tuning (because many of us don't tune), there are many great control tips available.

One I can leave is tied to patience such as Joker just pointed out. When we are running down a straight section approaching a corner, and there is someone taking the inside lane; remember they are moving too fast to effectively take the turn, back off, let them get into the turn, and pass them on the exit. This will keep you from getting turfed by this corner jockey, and possibly teach them that the line you just passed them on is the one to take. Slow in, is fast out. Fast in is risky and scrubs speed off of due to the G's created, you will leave slower than normal. This will affect the rest of the corners as well, as your momentum is now gone.
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Events Coordinator I
Events Coordinator I

Posts : 422
Join date : 2010-09-09
Age : 53
Location : lennon, MI

PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   Tue Dec 28 2010, 14:02

yes i agree . all good wisdoms. we are getting better tho . if you see the pack slowing guess what , slow down also , its that simple . you dont charge through the grocery line pushing everyone aside as you go cause there stopped . or bash everyone who is slowing for a stoplight. apply the same technique racing and we will be fine .
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PostSubject: Re: The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read   

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The Dreaded First Turn - Must Read
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